Front end performance

 Lee Blazek

Lee Blazek


We look at all things that can impact performance of a users experience in a front end application. From the users context(are they at their desk over a fiber connection? are they on a mobile device in low speed net work area? etc) the getting the front end assets to the browser, then how those execute in the browser.

 Lee Blazek

About Lee Blazek

Lee is Javascript and front end SME, not just the big 3(Angular, Vue, React) but also semantic HTML, CSS, SEO, Accessibility, node apis, hybrid apps, etc.

Lee has been working in this field since 2003, the IE 4 and 5 days. Thank golly those are over. No matter what flashy framework you pick its all HTML, CSS, and JS underneath. Lee's consulting agency name is BERZERK.IO and usually has a mix fulltime work and consulting.

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