Hooked on a feeling

Jeff Baumgardt

Jeff Baumgardt

A metal clothes hook.

So we know that we can keep state in `useState` but it's a functional component, how does that work? Where does state actually live?

Have you noticed that all the base hooks are from the react package? Did you forget about scope in the years of pure functions and flat components?

Let's rebuild our own hooks and see how they actually work under the hood. Plus let's see how we can mix them together and make our own custom hooks.

Jeff Baumgardt

About Jeff Baumgardt

Jeff is a software engineer of 14 years. Specializing in React for nearly 7 years he gas seen it all, class components, mixins, HoC, all the way to functional components and SSR.

He's been mentoring at a bootcamp, Thinkful, for 4 years and has over 40 students he's worked with.

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