React Component Testing with Cypress

Ely Lucas

Ely Lucas


Join us downtown and online

Testing is hard. At Cypress, we aim to make it easier and more approachable for developers. With Cypress Component Testing, you can now test your React components in isolation using the same tools and APIs developers love with Cypress. Not only that, but component tests run in a real browser, so you can interact with them and use the dev tools for debugging to help in your developer workflow. Learn how easy it is to set up component tests with Cypress. We will go over creating a component and writing tests as we go along. We’ll chat about selecting elements from the DOM, interacting with them, and asserting their behavior.

Ely Lucas

About Ely Lucas

Husband, father, and Software Dev in Denver, CO. Coding stuff at @contentful. Former @cypress_io and @ionicframework.

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